The present system of enterprises financing and respective guaranties generates sometimes a paradox opposing enterprises financing, as development stimuli, and its granting refusal, for the entity of aleatory risks perceived, inhibiting such development.

Presently, only enterprises with sufficient solvency take advantage of banks financing and state aids, meanwhile the majority of SMEs – genuine source of a significant economic development – does not meet these criteria and take place alongside the banking system.

Any aspiration to an economic development imposes an injection of financial flows in the productive cycle to produce cascade investments with multipliers effects, revealing their efficiency within the National Economy.

The creation of an institution assuring a permanent monitoring of the enterprises will enable, through a systematic information flow, to reassure creditors on the loan restitution and to strengthen information to state organism, helping the industrial and commercial policy of the country.

The presence of an independent Institution, established on the State’s will, in agreement with Central Banks and Employers representatives, could guarantee stability to the future role of enterprises’ guarantor and works towards the economic National development.