The CEDE, economic and social research centre applied to enterprises development strategies, has been founded in 2002 by the present president Raffaele  D’Arcangelo(CV) , consequent to the pessimistic future macroeconomic forecasts for the European economy.

The economic stagnation, combined with relocations of European industrial groups, determined  an unemployment explosion within the  European Union, with dramatic consequences in Africa.

Such context required urgent solutions at the political level,  as it was essential to support and stimulate European SMEs, aimed to replace in future industrial groups, as this new deal should also to reflect positive results on African countries economies, through a parallel revaluation of their enterprises as well as of  the huge number of existing local competencies, even needing a better organization of their enterprises at a national level.

« In an economy market, there are many dysfunctions implying the State intervention to define an economic policy »

Raymond Barre

This politic approach, if adopted since 2000, would have stopped a great part of the exodes from African  nationals dreaming to better their social and economic, by migrating in Europe, expatriation which, unfortunately, concludes dramatically.

It is capital, today, to conceive an industrial policy able to open news and huge markets unsatisfied to secure sustainability to enterprises, essential pillar  to generate an economic development, followed by an unprecedent economic expansion, and re-create a new phase of the thirty years boom post war, as without it no concrete world recovery would be possible.

It is now up to the European Institutions to take up the challenge and organise an international economic recovery.