The expected results from CENADE achievement generate for African countries the following results:

  1. New opportunities of enterprises development;
  2. International Alliances; CENADE protect entrepreneurs against any agreement focusing subcontracting or exploitation.
  3. New productions not yet experimented (mosquito nets, viticulture)
  4. Introduction of new technologiesgenerating an increase of the agricultural production (irrigation pumps with solar energy, among others)
  5. First farm mechanization with low costs investments;
  6. First agri-food processing for small farmers
  7. Investment multiplier stimulation thanks to a local services netspecialised for the enterprises.

For European enterprises:

  1. Alliances opportunities for a quality production respecting the environment,
  2. Revival of industrial production fallen into disuse in Europe (i.e.: small tractors-irrigators).
  3. Alliances with African enterprises with advanced skills for a new production with high quality-price ratio. CENADE, will reassure European entrepreneurs about the seriousness as well as competencies of their future partners.
  4. An openness on huge future markets, as unsatisfied.