For decades,  the system of  SMEs national alliances represents the more widespread formula, in many countries, being the  most efficient  and less expensive than creating a large Company.

The efficiency of this stragegy entails :

  • A quick know-how development (the different SMEs already own professional skills of their respective specialisation) ;
  • No external financing need for initial investments (the necessary machines-tools are already available) ;
  • A wider profit distribution (among the different SMEs) ;
  • A greater labour force participation (in spite of the Human Resources « rationalisation » in the large Companies) ;
  • A better – and lesser expensive – management of the different production cycles, micro-enterprises should control respectively ;

In a context of economic development prioritizing the greatest workforce participation, alliances strategies among national enterprises must be stimulated, as, beyond their capacity of assertiveness on the international scene, they contribute to better the GNP.