D’Arcangelo Raphaël

Curriculum Vitae

D’ARCANGELO Raffaele, 71, Italian national and French culture, has been serving United Nations, at the International Training Centre of the ILO, in Turin, Italy (ITC-ILO), between 1970 and 2007.

Economist, specialized in enterprises strategies, after twenty-five years’ experience in the financial planning (Budget and Control section) and in charge of the financial documentation for training project contracts for the ILO, since 1995, he has performed training courses and seminars at the African Programme for SME development.

He has strengthened his competencies on the economic and social realities in different African countries (culture, structural policies, enterprises financing systems) within the framework of the International Technical Cooperation.

He has been designing. organised and lead training courses and seminars for senior African officials from Governments, Central Bank Managers and Support systems managers for African SME. He has been lecturing in national and international conferences, mainly at Bologna and Parma Universities as well as at the High International Studies Institute of Reggio Emilia (Italy), as well as at the Bologna ENFAP such as:

  • “Technical Cooperation Projects for international economic development” (Bologna: October 2002 – January 2004).
  • design, management and evaluation of Technical Co-operation Projects; (Bologna, September 2000 –January 2001).
  • Post-graduate Master for International Business Consultants (Parma University, April 2000- January 2001);

Special Advisor for research CD-ROM design on economic and policy thematic, in cooperation with UNICEF, and managed propaedeutic projects propaedeutic, for students in Technical International Cooperation – High International Studies Institute of Reggio Emilia and ITC-ILO;

Since 2002, President of CEDE (French abbreviation for European Centre for Entrepreneurship Development). Coordination of internationally renowned experts, to study and a consequent promotion of the CENADE (French Acronym of: National Centre for Entrepreneurship Development) Project, aimed to value African SMEs, through the promotion of European SMEs’ know-how as well as for the positive impact for the European enterprises, contributing to a new international economic recovery.

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