Competencies development which focuses the consolidation of: knowledge, know-how and learn to be of the enterprises, represents the keystone for the enterprise’s success on their markets. In the majority of Emerging Countries, the deficiency of competencies strengthening depresses the production capacity.

Frequently, the production organisation is associated to technical, human and ergonomic considerations of the production process, neglecting the strategic component capable to reflect its efficiency on the enterprises as well as on the National economy.

An  organisation based on the aggregation of several enterprises  converging to a same final product is a strategy developed all over the world in these last decades, contributing to the Small enterprises development, associating a quick know-how acquisition with limited investments, but with a greater multiplicator effect, the implication of a  more important workforce  and a wider revenues distribution among enterprises.

Such organisation, on top of a better productive coordination and cohesion, generates a significant increase of tax revenues.